Monday, December 1, 2008

There really is no answer...

So this post is an exercise in free writing.

I may die young. Does this matter? How should I react? These are questions. There really is no answer. I dont think it matters.. Maybe this is to deep like diving in a pool and seeing a shark. I swam with sharks, I climbed a mountain. Many things I have seen. I have always lived to be alive. Or is it I have always been alive and thats why I live, or lived the way I have. I have seen many things. I have climbed in Giza, I have seen the tower, (London, Pisa, and Paris) Not to mention the twins. Which I saw only briefly and which are no more. I heard the cries of anti-Americanism from the lips of the citizens of Paris, London, and Rome, but then I heard the starry banner sung up high at 14000 feet on the shores of the lake, the highest lake where boats dare tread. There I was with my hat in hand and a tear in my eye, thats right crying for my country. As of then I had not a reason (known) to cry for myself yet a few short days later (well maybe a week or two) I could not sleep, I was up all night crying when everyone else was bedded down. Why wait? Why cry at night? these are questions. there really is no answer.